Make Better Videos and Animations in your Classroom

Jose Martinez
@chilebeans (Twitter)

Many teachers are producing video with their students, but are they watchable?
Drop by my station to talk about and learn some tips and tricks that I have used and other teachers have used to produce better videos with their students.
Don't know much about videos and technology?
No problem.

Check out this summative, cross-curricular film that grade 5/6 students completed with the a help of a first year teacher (my wife actually!). She had minimal experience with video creation but managed to get her students to make impressive short videos relating to geometry with just an iPad and a $2.99 Canadian App from NFB called NFB StopMo Studio.

In my media arts classes I use affordable cameras and simple software like iMovie to have my students create short films, docs and PSA's.

Drop by and share your ideas about video with me and I'll share ideas and tips that have worked with my classes.

Resources and apps you could download or bring along so you can play along when you drop by!
Video Editing
Mac Users
iMovie for iPhone and iPad Users
Android Devices
We Video