A #bit of MoM

On Wednesday, Nov 5 we had a fabulous Minds On Media session on the kick-off day at #bit14, ECOO’s conference collaboration with OASBO ICT. Whenever we do a Minds on Media event, we always enjoy the excitement that participants share about the outstanding learning that takes place. This week was no exception, and therefore we want to share our thanks to all the folks who made this a great event!

What is Minds On Media?

Minds On Media (MOM) is a model of professional learning that respects the learner's 'desire to know'. Teachers come to learn and we respect their choices in how they wish to do that. We want them to take a 'minds on' approach.

We want to say a big thank you to our facilitators for this year! They do a tremendous amount of preparation for this day, including:
  • collaboratively creating a wiki that serves as an excellent resource leading up to, and during, the event, and to use later for further learning for themselves or to share with others
  • facilitating an entire day with a sometimes constant stream of folks coming to learn from them with unique needs and interests


It was a very special treat to have Brian Silverman and Artemis Papert, creators of Turtle Art, with us to both kick off the day with a keynote for all participants, and to facilitate a centre to help folks learn and play with Turtle Art. Turtle Art epitomizes the kind of software that allows students and teachers to construct beautiful artefacts, and it’s in that spirit of constructionism that we created Minds On Media. What an absolute THRILL for us to have them be part of the day. It was great to see them bring their turtle art to life with the 3D Printer - thanks Heather Durnin!

BIG thanks to these folks:

Starting Out with Makey Makey and Drawdio!
Cathy Beach
Recently Retired and Loving I.T.!!
Journeys off the Beaten Path
Three Dimensions in Student Learning
Heather Durnin & Marc Westra
F.E.Madill, AMDSB, Gr. 8 Teacher
105theHive K12 Student Internet Radio
Andy Forgrave &
Kim Gill


What can you do with Frames5?
Karen Kelly-Miller
Grade 4 Teacher, UGDSB

Get Filming with Your Phone, iPad or Camera!
Jose Martinez
CWDHS, UGDSB, Media Arts Teacher
Playing with Programming: Coding for Younger Students
Peter McAsh
Retired Teacher

Turtle Art!
Artemis Papert &
Brian Silverman

Google Apps for Education
Marcia Piquette
Kindergarten Teacher, UGDSB
Make Your Old Stuff Work!
David Scott

Game-Based Learning in the Junior Classroom
Adele Stanfield & Derek Walker
Grade 5 Teacher, HWDSB
Minecraft in the Classroom
Jen Apgar
UGDSB - Itinerant Technology Coach

Kahn You Believe It? & CSI Mystery Skype
Martha Jez
Fair Chance Learning
Jaclyn Calder


Brenda and Peter