What can you do with Frames5?

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Presenter: Karen Kelly-Miller

Grade 4 Teacher, UGDSB

Background: I have been using the OSAPAC approved software, Frames from the software company, Tech4Learning actively in my teaching program for the past 4 years. I really like this software because it is very "user-friendly" and engages kids. I have used it across the curriculum and it is my "go to " software for creating fun pieces to showcase at Christmas assemblies.

Special Notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are a teacher, you have permission to download a copy of Frames5 onto your laptop because it is approved OSAPAC software. Since every school board in Ontario handles distribution of OSAPAC software differently, I will try to have copies available to download onto laptops. However, you may want to explore how you access OSAPAC software programs at your school board and download it onto your computer before you come to the event. That way when you go back to your colleagues to share, you will be able to direct them on how to access OSAPAC software as a teacher too!

What is Frames5?

Frames5 is a software program that allows the user to create short animated slideshows or films. The beauty of this software is that original illustrations, original photographs, text and thousands images in the program (illustrations and photos) as well as sound effects, music and music from other sources (itunes) can be combined to create unique presentations. Moreover, when a presentation is finished and ready to be shared there are multiple options for the user to save and showcase their work.

Below is a link to the Tech4Learning website. This is a great resource to explore to learn more about the product. There are lots of examples and tutorials on how to use some of the unique features of Frames5 here too.

Tech4learning home page:

Frames link:
Frames5 intro video

Who can use Frames5? How can you use this OSAPAC software in your program?

The Frames5 software is avalable for all teachers to use. Here is a link to the OSAPAC home page and link to their write up about Frames5.

OSAPAC home page:

Frames5 write-up and information on OSAPAC site:

The SAMR model and Frames 5

This past Spring I participated in a study where I was asked to apply the SAMR model (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition ) when using Frames5. Here is a copy of what I wrote:
Frames SAMR model